“A Good Scare is Worth More To a Man Than Good Advice.” Peter’s Quotations (Bantam Books, p. 190)

Accomplishment : Something has been achieved successfully, An activity that a person can do well, typically a a result of study or practice.

In the recent years I have spent an exorbitant amount of time watching players play golf.  Or at least it would have been an unreasonably high amount for the former VJ Trolio (the one 10-25) that spent an exorbitant amount of time playing golf.  From the time I began instructing golf (2000 full time) the scales have slowly shifted from me to them.  Them obviously being the players I coach.

The last blog was speaking of accomplishment and growing toward the success of achieving tasks.  Mr. C’s research is really cool and it shows how the mere acceptance that ample free time or vacationing is really nothing anyone likes is empowering in and of itself.  This explains why kids and adults are still upset while on vacation and why a family working to tend the garden together is happy.  I will let you look into your own lives for more analogies.

Often, very often, we see athletes react to a very poor performance.  Often, very often, we see athletes not really react at all so long as they are keeping up with the status quo they (or others around them) set for themselves.  Rarely, very rarely do we see athletes keep pushing for an internal quest or goal of accomplishment.

This is the reason for the quote above.  When an athlete is totally out played and their performance is such that it does not line up with the mental image they have of themselves their is often a great lesson learned.  The lesson can be summed up as this : YOUR PROCESS OF PREPARATION IS NOT WORKING!

The athletes that really get “it.”  The individuals that understand why God has given them this passion and will follow that gift with faith and hard work; those athletes fail also.  They understand “I have to win in your mind before I win physically.”

Redneck Cliffnotes –  If “it” isn’t working, it might just be that “it” isn’t the answer.  “It” may need to be changed a bit.  Go find somebody to help you understand what “it” is.  —–I guarantee you that quitting will only feel good for a day or two.  So that is never a good idea.

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