Since September of last year I have seen golf on so many levels.  The Web.com Finals, The PGA Tour, The USGA Junior, The Mississippi State Junior, The Future Masters and the LPGA Tour to name a few.  Being inside the ropes and on the bag at some of the junior events it became solidified there is no certainty when it comes to the outcome of the score posted.  

With no certainty of the outcome, there is obviously more conviction to emphasize the process.  The confidence that comes from mapping out the course, having the speed of the greens, and knowing how the chips and pitches will react.  The Trust and Conviction that comes from skill building prior to the event and knowing swing mechanics have gotten 1% better each day.  The Positivism that comes from taking care of the body and creating more and more function from head to toe.  The validity that on each shot the routine should be the primary.  The Surefire emotion that during the round the “next shot might be the best shot you have ever hit.”  The surety that setting practice up so that one fails will lead to less failure on the course.

Often tournament players get lost is distrust, disbelief, doubt, hesitation, and ambiguity.  The reason is simple; they are looking for a certainty on the outcome.  These are offspring of that unwillingness to embrace and emphasize the process.  Don’t spend energy today trying to change your distrust to trust or your doubt to certainty; instead take inventory of your process.  Look at your weaknesses and strengths as it relates to your knowledge and application of strategy, skill building, building function in the body, and challenging yourself on the range.

The Process is the only Certainty that a tournament player has.  Grandma said it best, “Dot your i’s and cross your t’s.”

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