Life in the Trenches

cropped-IMG_1624.jpgInstructors and Coaches refer to them as “the trenches.” These “trenches” refer to standing behind or beside players when it matters most. It is more than just preaching, praising, and throwing out theories; it is leading, coaching, and improving the player. At a master level, it is giving the player the ability to improve without the coach or instructor present.

For nearly the past two decades I have been in these so called “trenches.” Over the years I have seen golf balls do things they couldn’t do, people ask questions they shouldn’t ask, and at rare times I have seen people and golf balls do things they shouldn’t do while they ask questions they shouldn’t ask.

That is life in the trenches.

The name of my headquarters is The Teaching Center at Old Waverly. Some say I should call it the “learning center” or the “performance center.” Teaching and learning are different though and the center of performance is on the golf course.

“Teaching” is defined as the occupation, profession, or work of a teacher; ideas or principles taught by an authority. “Teach” as a verb is defined as to show or explain how to do something; give information to how to do something.

Trust me, it was not my choice to teach or coach; but it was HIS. I express ideas and principles as they relate to course management, goal management, skill building, skill transfer, the swing, ball flight, et cetera. I show, explain, and communicate how to do a lot of things related to golf and a person’s goals.

This brings us around to the reason for this page. It is for you. It is for those that want to learn more about learning. As you know the whole idea of teaching is based around getting people to learn. As you also know, learning is an acquired skill. For me it is simple, the as the ability to learn grows to master learning so does the possibility of masterful performances.

So look around and enjoy your time.

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