It is all really connected (and the redneck cliff notes of what this means)

We Really have to start with God and his design of us as humans don’t we?  Before we have goals, dreams, and the stress of chasing down those goals and dreams.  Before we have a team, coaches, parents, and great friends that motivate, inspire, and push us; we are humans.  Below Thomas Myers does a really cool job of explaining this in 7:00 minutes.  Take a look and enjoy.

It is just like Pete Egoscue said so many years ago……..when it comes to anything human we define it with motion.  “Lazy” people don’t move much.  “Jocks” move a bunch in popular sports.  “Nerds” move their eyes and brains more than their bodies.  “Golfers” move their bodies around a golf ball.  “Football” players move their bodies (and other bodies) around footballs.  You get it!  We all have our own cultural ideas of what an individual or group of individuals are and that always involves what the individual or group of individuals are moving toward.

The redneck cliff note:  Golfers…………….the human body needs more than just 300 swings with a seven iron.  Get a massage every two weeks, do some functional movement in the living room floor and seek out a great coach to help you build a great program.

The NEXT place we have to go is ATTITUDE.  How we perceive the effort we put forth in chasing down our goals.  Some of us think things are too hard so we quit.  Some of us think things are to easy so we don’t try.  Some of us don’t want to look stupid so we don’t compete.  Some of us don’t know that we look stupid so we keep believing that our mindset is correct.  Some of us point fingers at teammates or co-workers or coaches.  Whatever the case………….accomplishment requires GRIT.  Angela Duckworth is the leader in the world of developing “grit” so take a look at this video.


If you wanna be great at anything or accomplish anything you had better be gritty, tough, and resilient.    Greatness requires “sweat equity.”

The redneck cliff note:  The old adage “When you point a finger there are three looking back at you.” can really help us all achieve more.

IT IS ALL CONNECTED. There are few absolutes and many, many styles to accomplish whatever we as humans want to accomplish.  Getting there though………well that requires movement and attitude and ultimately a roadmap that coaches, mentors, parents, and teachers can do their best to provide to your functional, gritty mindset.

                                                                                         Bring It Denzel!








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