On losing…….

There is a sign hanging on the wall of my eldest son’s bedroom  that says:  “Competition Doesn’t Build Character – It Reveals It”

Does it?

Losing is defined to be “deprived of or cease to have or retain something.”  Losing can also be thought of as “becoming unable to find something or someone.”

This latter definition of losing is where we build upon this idea of losing.

If you are working hard and not accomplishing your goals, you are not losing.  If you had a two shot lead going into the last hole or were up 6 points with 1:00 on the clock and the opposing team drove down to score 7 points, you didn’t lose.

Setting goals, working hard, and getting closer and closer to those goals requires the grit, determination, and desire to lose a little everyday.  Coming up a little short everyday and re-dedicating yourself to go back after it the next day.  That attitude, along with God’s blessings, is what has made America what America is, and America is tough to beat isn’t it?

On the other hand, if you can’t seem to find the ambition to re-dedicate yourself; your are losing.  If you can’t figure out the piece that you need to take the next step and are starting to wander off course, you are losing.  If you are forsaking your dream because you are doubting yourself, you are losing.

If in fact you are losing here are some ideas.  Go get a mentor, someone who has gone through it, and talk it over with them.  Don’t go it alone, there are some phenomenal coaches out there and you would be wise to go see them face to face.  Turn the rabbit ears off and trust your inner circle.  Far too many times you and I both look into a screen for an answer rather than a face.  Finally take it to prayer and see where God takes you.

Coaching and dealing with matters of performance with individuals over the years has taught me this, those that are willing to lose are never losers.  The freedom enjoyed by those that love to compete comes from a lack of concern for what our society calls losing.  

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